Thursday, 30 April 2009

its here!

My BUPA information pack. Predictably I'm in the 'pink wave' as always but my race number has an extra digit. This year I am, 30092. Now you can look out for me ;¬) I have enjoyed a lovely evening 90 minute swim today. Feeling positive and excited about the run and I shall go for a run tomorrow, hopefully it won't be raining but that could be good practice. In any case, have a nice weekend darlings.

Saturday, 25 April 2009

only 3 weeks

to go until the big day! I have not been too well this passed week so therefore my apologies for not posting. In some ways I wish I had made this blog busier and talked about other things but I didn't really want to go off topic. I have had an email confirming that my 'race package' is on its way to me. At least then I will know this years number xxx

Monday, 13 April 2009

Speaking of YouTube.......

Yesterday we had a walk to the wonderful Manchester Museum to see the Lindow Man. We have been there before but didn't know about the vivatarium (if thats how you spell it). I was armed with my digital camera. As luck would have it I was able to capture a green tree monitor in motion at the very moment I pointed my camera at it. I have uploaded this my first ever vid to YT. Many apologies for the naff commentary and indeed that there is any sound on there at all. I haven't done too many mpegs with my digital camera and tend to forget. Call this an experiment.

Hope you enjoy it anyhoo xxx

Oooh I have slacked off..

..abit haven't I? Blogging that is. I hope everyone is enjoying a great easter weekend and that your weather is as pleasant and sunny as it is here for us. I have continued my runs and went on one today. A very tiring but lovely run around the block for 30 minutes. One really enjoys a shower afterwards. You all know why I'm doing this but for anyone who is a fan of Blade Runner I have a treat for you. It helps if as I do you enjoy Red Dwarf as well. They have made a new 3 part series which is now available on YouTube and is an excellent parody of Blade Runner. It gets going in part two IMHO.

Friday, 3 April 2009

Nothing finer.......

.......than a 90 minute swim after work to build up an appetite and put you in a good mood for the weekend. Oh yeah heres proof I met and had lunch with Mr Hauer in 2002 xxx