Sunday, 20 December 2015

I don't know the song this is parodying but this video is hilarious. I wanted to share it in a blog post but also so that can find it easily and watch over and over. I find it inspiring in a perverse sort of way too.  LOL

Merry Christmas and all the best for 2016.

Saturday, 7 November 2015

Inspiring Article marking anniversary of Magic Johnson

Here is an inspiring article to celebrate the 24th anniversary of MJ's public announcement about being HIV positive. This article is so positive within itself and pays tribute to all the great work Johnson has done to apread awareness of this hideous disease.

I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I did. Let me know ;)

Love Sarah xxx

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Just so you know :)

Well it was quite an adventure my whale research week in Ischia. I have indeed blogged about it on my science blog Chemistress.

Just so you know...I think perhaps many people don't know about the great things which The Rutger Hauer Starfish Association do. For example, they have a long distance adoption program going which helps 3 kids with their education and healthcare. It has just been updated as often the kids write very sweet letters with drawings to Starfish and its supporters.

You can support by making a donation directly on their homepage

Or if you are a fan and would like to own a special autographed item etc then you can make a donation and do so here

Thank you! And thank you for reading

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Saturday, 25 July 2015

Dreams do come true!

What an amazing summer this is turning out to be for me. I have secured a new job starting in September, at a local girls school in which I will look after 3 biology labs. Nervous and excited I can't wait to get stuck in now!
Those of you who know me and  have read this blog will know that I have been supporting my favourite non-profit organisation since it began and for most of this journey I have been fundraising for them via my runs, which is why this blog was set up. Last week, I became a member of the Board of Scientific advisors for The Rutger Hauer Starfish Association.

I was told that this is a select group of people and I feel very honoured to have joined them. It feels rather surreal and I will do anything to help. My heartfelt thanks to Rutger and the Starfish team for thinking of me. Talk about a dream come true!

I have also wanted to whale and/or dolphin watching and am very excited at the moment. You see on Monday, in the wee small hours, I shall be travelling to the beautiful island of Ischia off the coast of Naples. I am spending a week as a volunteer living on a boat, going out to sail and monitoring marine life such as dolphins,whales, tuna, sea turtles and moonfish.This is billed as a marine biology course and trips such as these are ran by a Manchester based company called Global Nomadic. I am so grateful to them for contacting me and giving me this opportunity of a lifetime. I can't wait for my adventure to begin.Two dreams accomplished within a month.Who'd of thought it! I will of course take plenty of photos and be happy to blog about it when I get back. It may fit better on my other blog 'Chemistress'. I haven't decided yet! Wish me luck and...Happy trails....

Saturday, 28 March 2015

Silverstone Half Marathon

Hi folks! First of all I must apologise for the delay in writing this. It is a week and a day since this run but I have had technical difficulties such as leaving my phone charger in my hotel room. Then to my surprise I switch my phone on and it is almost dead and needs recharging. It did die in the end but anyway I digress, all is well now.
So I did it! What a fabulous day. Our hotel was in the middle of nowhere so no need to go and explore, it was 2 miles from Silverstone but had a quaint Green Man pub attached to it where we would have breakfast. As we arrived too early to check in we went there for lunch and both enjoyed scampi and chips. Glynn was of course able to have a beer where as I stuck to lemonade. Good girl. Our room was huge and from our window we could see the car park and thus our car. An early night was called for and we woke up the next day to fog! We couldn't see the trees beyond the car park! Breakfast was wonderful and since the run doesn't start until noon I had plenty of time to digest it so stocked up on plenty of carbs in the form of toast and jam. The fog had lifted but it was a mighty cold day. A short drive to the F1 car park. Once parked my beloved took a photo of our car so as not to forget where he had parked it LOL. Then there is a 30 minute walk from the car park to the circuit. This could be a killer for us runners on the way back but then again this circuit wasn't designed for runners. I was so excited to see the track and to be doing this! We got there, first glimpses as we walk there. Following the queue and once inside it was a matter of taking a look around. A small charity village resided in the pit lane and there were plenty of places to get a snack and a hot drink including a canadian pancake house. So cold and I do have a semi-migraine and feel abit queasy. If I'd had a full blown one I would have had to cancel and been inconsolable. Having recently read some sound runners advice that a coffee before running is okay, we had a coffee. Let me tell you it was cold and abit windy. I was pleased though because I knew that this is my kind of running weather. I attached my time tag and my race number 7819. I also had my Garmin watch for my own accurate timing. Then our photoshoot. About 11.30am I made my way to the track. This run was 3 different laps and started and finished at Copse Corner. Seems like a long time when you are standing in the cold. I got chatting to a very bubbly girl who was doing this as training for the London Marathon in 5 weeks time. She asked why I was doing it it and I told her about Starfish.She replied 'oh thats good work, very humbling Sarah'. Such comments are rewarding and heartwarming and always welcome.
As I passed the start line I started my Garmin watch and you have to be in this situation to understand how it feels, you really do have to be there. I took it steady and really enjoyed it despite my mini-migraine. I was grateful for the cool weather and the fact that it never rained. I managed to resist the urge to use the portable toilets and was rather pleased with myself about this lol. When I picked up a bottle of lucazades sports I wished I hadn't. I gagged on it but it did alleviate my headache for a while. At this time John Lennon was on the radio and I found myself singing along to Imagine. This felt great! My headache did return a short while after but I kept on going  with a renewed sense of energy. At times I wondered where Glynn was and just as I wondered where he was he would suddenly appear, call my name and click his camera. That was fun! There were 7000 runners here which is not alot, certainly alot less than I am used to. Anyway, it made for a lonely-ish run but you know what, I didn't mind this at all. To my surprise I turned a corner and there was a bridge so I had to run uphill for a few yards. Quite a few spectators on this bridge including Glynn *flash, flash* another picture! He muttered something about only being at the half way stage implying I should hurry up. I wondered if he would like to swap places. He was wrong anyway, this was 8 miles which is of course more than halfway ;) Still a steady pace I enjoyed the rest of the track and was somewhat amused to see that signs along the course hadn't been moved. Signs such as 'no overtaking' 'brake now'. Well it is an F1 course afterall I guess and perhaps its just my sense of humour. Of course towards the end I was feeling tired but very proud and at that stage where I could've kept on running anyway. I was beginning to wonder where the finishline was. It is supposed to be near where we started it didn't look like it. I turned a corner and there it was. and there was Glynn too. So I went for it and am thankful for the supporters there cheering us on. Across the line in 3 hours and immediately collecting my medal and goodie bag. The weight of my bag was not insignificant. I wondered what was in there. My medal felt a good weight too as I put it around my neck. 85grams. It is a wheel, naturally so quite different to my other medals. Very very happy I can't stop smiling. We do the usual post run photo shoot and I start to cool down. Every muscle in my body is aching but I don't care and I have no blisters. I am a runner! We walk 30 minutes back to the car and on the way Glynn says he is suitably proud and impressed. He doesn't say this often. What a marvellous day and achievement. Thank you Silverstone, I would come back and do this again. Thank you for reading if you got this far. My eternal gratitude to everyone who sponsored me and supported me. You have been doing so all along and it is precious. Your positive vibes are appreciated and make all the difference and you know how important the work is that Starfish does. I will be back to let you know the final amount of funds I have raised. Please see the links on the right to view photo's on Rutgers website and even more on mine. Bless you xxx


Sunday, 1 March 2015

Welcome to March!

Today Sunday 1st March represents a couple of things for me. On a personal level I am celebrating 23 years with my fabulous photographer :) This year it also means I am now only 2 weeks away from my Silverstone Marathon, cannot wait! As its so close I can't think of anything else and am feeling excited and can't get enough of running. I am feeling fit and happy. Also I made an amazing online discovery a few days ago in the shape of The Runner Academy. This website is such a lucky find and my favourite part is the podcasts. Such inspirational stories and the best advice for runners of all levels and ages. Do check it out. I'm sure you will love it too. I'm having fun but got alot of catching up to do

Of course by now I have my info pack from Silverstone and can tell you my race number is 7819. If you want to sponsor me for a wonderful cause which helps HIV kids all over the world with their education and healthcare, and also HIV+ mothers too, just drop me a line. All currencies welcome and no amount is too small. My email address is:

I thank you from the bottom of my heart, and Starfish do too

Have a great day,

Sarah xxx

Sunday, 15 February 2015

One month to go!

Well I can't quite believe it, I knew that time would fly by quickly but it really has. Just one month today, 15th March until I run around the Silverstone F1 track for Starfish. Please do consider sponsoring me for this great cause. My training is going well and I can almost run 6 mph now. I shall improve this until I can maintain 6mph and then I'm all set for the big day.   
Anyway I have just read this great article which includes a video about the science of running. Please watch, especially if you are a runner, it is very interesting.

I hope you also had a fab Valentines day

Take care!

Sarah xxx

Saturday, 3 January 2015

Happy New Year!

Hello Dear Readers, if there is anyone there :) First of all I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and I want to wish you all a very happy and prosperous 2015. For some people 2014 will have been a good year and for some sadly, it will have been a not so good one. I hope that 2015 is a good one for us all, may your dreams come ture and may you reach your goals. Lets all stay healthy and happy xxx
My new year always has one constant resolution, to get training and thus fit for a run to raise as many funds as possible for The Rutger Hauer Starfish Association which is always close to my heart. My last run of 2014 was on NYE and I really enjoyed it. I plan to go out for a good one tomorrow too which will be my first run of the new year.First Sunday run. I am thrilled to tell you all that I have indeed signed up to a run for Starfish, so from tomorrow I will officially be in training :) On Sunday 15th March I will be running the Silverstone Half Marathon. Yes I will be running around the F1 track and I am very excited about it! So I am of course now officially accepting sponsorship and any currency is welcome.
If you love Rutger Hauer and/or feel that you want to do something to help HIV+ children and HIV+ pregnant women, then every sponsor does make a difference. You are doing something great. Words of support and encouragement really do help me personally too. Here is a link to the wonderful updated webpage Rutger has for me on his official site. A huge thank you to him and his amazing webmasters!  

On this page is a link to the Silverstone Half Marathon website. If anyone wants to sign up and do this run with me that would be truly awesome. There is also a link to my website and to that of my good friend and t-shirt designer Tori Ratcliffe. Very much looking forward to seeing what design she comes up with this year.
I have yet to update my website regarding this run but I have made a Facebook page. Please feel free to comment there or ask any questions you may have. I'll do my best to answer them.

If you have a few minutes to spare looking around the Starfish website, you will learn about all the amazing things this organisation has achieved over the years and what a great human being Rutger Hauer is outside of his acting career. Also increase your awareness of the global AIDS situation and others peoples if you chose to spread the word. Anyway, I hope you find it as inspiring as I do.

Love and hugs Sarah xxx