Saturday, 29 May 2010

Happy bank holiday folks! ;D

Good morning world! I was surprised that a week after my 10k run for Starfish my body was still aching. That has never happened before, I must be getting old lol. The body is more capable than you might think. I went out for a gentle jog and was fine, felt wonderful in fact and did this again the next day. It is the bank holiday weekend here in the UK not to mention half term so I have a week off. I plan to go out for a run shortly and then we are going down south just overnight to see the inlaws. I shall be packing my running shoes too. So on my week off I intend to do plenty of swimming and running. I also might do some cooking too, Colleagues have been tantalising me with talks of risotto. Never made it before so that shall be interesting and fun. Have a healthy and happy weekend everyone.hugs Sarah xxx   

Sunday, 23 May 2010

2010 BUPA Manchester run report

This time last sunday I was full of elation at finishing this run. The weather was glorious after a cool start. I love Manchester!It has been a great day, my new shoes served me well and I managed to shave 10 minutes off my time ;)I now have sore feet and a sunburnt forehead  I've survived and am now rehydrating, hoping it will kill headache. It was another wonderful day and I didn't see many costumes this year though did see lots of causes which people are running for. Obviously I didn't see the run on the Beeb but there will be footage appearing soon of me crosing the finish line ;) So now its time to collect funds. Thank you to all who had faith in me to give me theirs before the run. On days like today though seeing all folks are doing to make a difference and raise funds I can only see the positive side of people. Not in a naive way though, the crap is out there. Photo's in to Starfish soon and I shall reveal the total when I have it all Speaking of revelations here we go, my exciting news. I have registered for next years fun run already, this will be the Brighton Marathon, yes marathon on 10th April. As I'm still collecting for this run and getting over it lol I'm not expecting any sponsorship for this just yet. Not that I ever expect anyway, only hope. I am happy and honoured to do this for Starfish. So after a week of rest I'm back in training and stepping it up a notch. Lots of love Sarah xxx

Saturday, 15 May 2010

Nearly there again

Well its almost here at last and already! ;D Tomorrow is the big day and I can't wait! I just love the atmosphere at this thing. My training is now complete. I had a lovely evening jog lastnight at sunset and am taking it easy today. Doing nothing but smile. I shall have an early night too. Don't forget the run is being televised at 10am on BBC2 Here is a taster videoclip for those interested in getting a glimpse into this run and Manchester. Thank you from the bottom of my soles to everybody who has supported and sponsored me. I am always most grateful and appreciate of sponsorship, as it is badly needed for these HIV+kids <3.  Standby for a full report and surprising news about next year already, keep on smiling and thank you friends, family and Starfish. hugsss xxx

Monday, 3 May 2010

The Great Outdoors

Happy bank Holiday everyone. We are celebrating Glynn's birthday so this means we always henjoy this day. So far he has taken it easy and enjoyed playing with his new pc gadet which he requested lol. We are looking forward to a nice chinese buffet in town this evening. Oh I digress. I found a really interesting article which indicates that outdoor exercise especially in a green enviroment is great for our well-being. Hurrahh! ;D

From BBC News:

First I need to go out and run though ;) Yesterday I changed my route slightly. It is longer, very enjoyable on the eyes and the ground is more uneven. I certainly got a good workout and will now stick to this route. I am still jogging around the block but now it is a longer run and I'm still bumping into other runners. Very motivating.

Hugs Sarah xxx

Saturday, 1 May 2010


I'm having a great day today. Partly due to the sun shining upon us gloriously and also partly because I have done enough swimming and running and feel fine. I was up at 7.30am this morning for a swim. My leg isn't 100% better, still some pain and I shall see my doctor again pre-race but it is alot better. I can train no problem that is the important thing.  I have updated my website today as well. Also upgraded it too.
This blog has passed its second birthday (10th Jan) which I forgot to commemorate. Oops sorry blog.

Take care all and lease sponsor me, even if only a few pence. It all adds up and is needed. Thank you very much and stay healthy

Hugs xxx