Monday, 19 October 2009

Manchester Science Festival 09

This is exciting to me though totally unconnected to the theme of this blog, its 'blog fodder' though so here goes ;) I am now officially a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) Ambassador for Manchester! As such this means I will be participating in the Manchester Science Festival which takes place 24th Oct-1st Nov. That is to say it begins next saturday......The festival has a fabulous website and blog where you can find out about all the amazing events taking place. They are aimed at kids, adults and families and are free though some may require pre-booking. Here is the link to the website to find out much more.

One of the events is about robots and one such robot 'Robothespian' will be on tv tonight channel4 5pm on The Paul O'Grady Show.

The main aim of this event is to show children how fun and interesting science really is and on the lead up to the festival some events have also been taking place. I was involved in one yesterday. I spent the whole day in Stockport Science busking. It was great fun and it seemed to take no effort on our part to attract people to our tables. Local radio station Key 103 were there helping promote the festival and I thought we may get to do a podcast but they had more than enough, 12 within the first hour from enthusiastic kids! ;) It really was nice seeing them excited. I shall be doing this all again this coming thursday at Manchester Piccadilly train station so if you're in the area, please come and say hello ;)

Hugs Sarah xxx

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