Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Shoes news ;)

Today I was excited to be buying myself a pair of new running shoes. First though I must say goodbye to my old faithfuls. They were my first pair of running shoes and have served me well since 2002. Unfortunately as of last year I can use them no more, the soles have cracked and split all the way through. Last year I bought myself an inexpensive pair of trainers to train in and also used them for the race. Continued wear has rendered them unusable and I slung them out and replaced them earlier this year. Hear are a couple of pix of my old faithfuls. Take a look at and say goodbye to my Nike Max Air running shoes.

I shall have these photo's to remember them by and also memories of 6 races ;D

Now please give a warm welcome to my new shoes ;) My size 7.5 New Balance. A strange name I know lol. Many thanks to the lovely young helpful chap who served me. He turned out to be a physiotherapist. What alot he knows about shoes and muscles too. He gave me something called a gait analysis which required me to run on a treadmill for a few minutes in a pair of 'neutral' shoes. Turns out my gait is actually neutral so that was easy for him then  So my nice new running shoes which set me back £75 quid have a neutral cushion. Looking forward to breaking them in.

I had several pairs to chose from but it was the twisty laces which swung it. This does serve a purpose, it stops the laces from coming undone. Excellent! The shoes themselves look blue in these pictures but they are purple. Don't the backs look odd? They don't in reality ;)

In other news: My left calf is still very painful when I walk anywhere though I can walk properly, no more hobbling. I have seen my doctor this morning. He wants me to see him again in 2 weeks time and advises gentle exercise. If it hurts then I am to stop :( I think I shall do alot more swimming in that case. On the plus side, I love swimming.

Hugs xxx

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