Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Amsterdam Marathon 2012

Goodness, I've just realised that this is my first post of the year as we enter February! Sorry about that and Happy, healthy New Year one and all :D
Do I seem to be getting adventurous now I’ve stepped up to doing Marathons? ;) I have now registered for this run which takes place on Sunday October 21st in my favourite city of Amsterdam. This is a special race as I will be celebrating 10 years of running and thus 10 years of raising funds for Starfish. It is also 10 yrs since Mr Hauer did a spate of conventions to raise funds for Starfish and meet his fans.  He is at it again this year in Charlotte, USA at the end of March and I will be there. I cannot wait! I will be so excited see people again and meeting new people. This is the event I'm talking about and you can see the Starfish banner smack in the middle there

Anyway I am well into my training now. I’m currently using my usual running shoes but at the half way stage I will switch to my new ‘Five Fingers’. They may look strange but they simulate barefoot running. Currently in the mornings I find myself running in subzero temps!

If helping people throughout the world who are HIV+ or living with AIDS is something you care about please consider sponsoring me. It is easy. Find me on Facebook and on Twitter as @Sarah Scientist. A huge thank you and warm hugs to those of you who support me. I can't tell you how important it is or how much I appreciate it.  As I like to say and because it is true I do accept all currencies, so don't let yours stop you ;) If you visit the 'sponsoring me' page on my website you will see a PayPal link where you can get the money to me safely and directly.
Also, here is a link to the official Marathon page:
Thank you so much to all who do and have done in the past. Always truly grateful. Sarah xxx

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