Sunday, 7 July 2013

A summer of being good to myself

For a couple of months now I have decided that I would go on a health kick over this summer holiday period just to see how I look at the end of it and wether it will make much difference at all. This makes sense to me because just like alot of people I don't eat as much during this season, so in theory it should be easier. Also, I like all of the usual healthy foods, such as jacket potatoes, pasta, cottage cheese and I never get sick of salad or veggies. The start date I had in mind was 1st of July which was last Monday. Ideal as I like to start at the beginning of a month and weigh myself each Sunday. It does seem to have been a long first week but that is due to personal reasons I don't wish to go into rather than it being my first week honest! Whilst I have kept up swimming once a week and gentle running once a week, this also means that I am stepping up the exercise too and even did some weights today whilst sitting in front of my laptop. So I am enjoying my early morning swims and feel blessed to have a leisure centre/pool just across the road from where I live. I would like to give thanks to my lovely aussie pal Rina Dolan for her enthusiatic support and delicious recipes.Thanks hon xxx Anyway, a week later, before I went swimming this morning and of course before breakfast, I got on the bathroom scales and lo and behold I'm very happy to say I'm 6 pounds lighter. Maybe I'll report in next sunday er....depending on how it goes. Thanks for reading :)   

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