Thursday, 20 March 2014

Starfish fundraising event

Exciting news! On March 28th-30th Rutger Hauer will be one of the guests at a convention in Burbank LA. I am very lucky and proud to be attending as a member of the Starfish Team and I can't wait to see everyone again. such things make me feel like a big kid but to be honest it doesn't take much. if you like conventions or want to meet Rutger Hauer, please do come along and support his wonderful non-profit organisation. I would love it you popped in and said hello and perhaps even want to sponsor my half marathon. This event is called Monsterpalooza and here is the link to their official website

As you can see James Hong and Joe Turkel will be there too and I had the pleasure of meeting them 2 years ago at a convention in Charlotte. I also see that Joanna Cassidy will be there too so its a real Blade Runner fest! I hold on to the dream of one day meeting Ridley Scott. So if you are in the area,  I do hope you can make it. not long now until this event or my Chester Half Marathon…

Take care! xxx


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  2. Thank you for posting Derrick and its nice to meet you. thanks so much for all this useful info. Can I use this fundraising site even though the charity is not my own, nor based in my home country, UK.