Sunday, 13 July 2014

New summer running tops

I am now the proud owner of 2 new running tops. These are my first ever sleeveless tops and I am enjoying them whilst I can over the summer season. I think I will have to purchase more in the future.This is what they look like.

As I am not in training at the moment I am swimming twice a week, tuesdays and thursdays and jogging at the weekends. As I am currently off work for the summer term I have time to run during the week too :)

I have an update regarding my last post in which I stated that I had raised £400 for Starfish. Their currency is euros and so this is the currency I send the money to them in of course. For the first time ever I made a mistake in my calculations which I didn't know until I recived my bank statement. I sent them 681 euros thinking this equated to £400 when in fact it equates to £561. I had just been paid so I don't mind, everybody wins. I will be more careful in future when I use an online currency converter :D.
Happy running one and all! xxx

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