Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Too much exercise may kill you

I am posting this link here mainly for the TED Talk and as a reminder that even with exercise moderation is key. I hope you find it interesting and useful too.


Love S x

Sunday, 14 February 2016

Manchester Half Marathon 2016

It is with much excitement and my great pleasure to tell you that on Sunday 16th October 2016 I will be running in the Manchester Half Marathon. This will be the first time that this half Marathon has taken place and also the first time in 6 years that I have ran in Manchester. I have missed it and have now started my training. This began with a healthy eating to lose a few pounds and I have stopped swimming which I shall replace with running. Having moved house I now have a new running route too. I will get used to it but it is abit on the hilly side. It will come as no surprise to my lovely regular supporters that I am doing this to raise funds for my favourite non-profit organisation as I have done for the past 15 years. I hope to raise as much as I can for The Rutger Hauer Starfish Association and would love your support. It really means alot to them and to me and they host a webpage for my runs. Something I am grateful for to spread the word of my venture. Here is a link to find out all about that Sarahs Manchester Half Marathon 2016 I also have a Facebook Page too where you can keep track of how I am doing and of course I would love interaction and comments SarahsMcrHalfMarathon2016 Please consider supporting me by making a donation, every penny, cent etc really does make a difference. I accept all currencies and the easiest way is by Paypal. I have a donate button for this on my own website if you go to the 'sponsoring me' page.

Sarah's Tracks

I sincerely hope you will follow my journey and consider sponsoring me and of course learn about 'Starfish'. Thank you for reading.

Love Sarah xxx