Tuesday, 10 March 2009

A very pleasant and sunny afternoon....I went for a 30 minute jog which was fine but I think I will most certainly benefit from another session in the gym. I am coughing a wee bit and feel like I have been smoking 50 a day lol. Never touched a ciggie in my life. On a sad note I think this will be the last race for my current and first ever pair of running shoes. The soles are removing themselves from the main part of the shoe. Still I can't complain, they have been good friends and seen me through 7 runs so far since 2002. I'm confident they will see me through this one. In the meantime though I have bought a cheap pair of trainers to do my training in. They are doing well. Hugs Sarah xxx


  1. "Is nothing dependable anymore?" that was Elric of Melnibone's lament as his dragon dropped him from a height (Moorcock, Stormbringer, 1967). Prices for running shoes go up as quality goes down - same goes for all footwear, really! Best of luck with the new trainers ;-)

  2. Well at least he had a dragon ;¬)I know where I'm buying my new shoes from as I found a great new 'running' shop in town. I had to superglue the soles of my new ones down lol