Monday, 18 May 2009

post run reporting

Oh my gosh what a day, so much to say it was fantastic! It was predicted to be the perfect weather for the run today, light cloudy with sunny spells. Wrong,very wrong as anyone who was there or watched on tv can confirm! It was very windy and thus cold. Opera singer Russell watson was there to run but first of all he inspired us with his singing. It was amazing, truly lovely. Moved us all. That certainly encouraged to enjoy the warm up and the run. I was wearing a pair of black fairy wings and this year does seem to have been the year for wings! There were plenty of them. In fact plenty of costumes this year. Fifi would have loved it and been envious Laughing E.g. snow white and the 7 dwarfs. She was alone when I saw her and I wondered if there were any dwarves lol. I bumped into them later and they told me the snow white I'd seen was the fake one Shocked Also there were some smurfs, 2 banana's, Cruella de'ville and I found myself running next to a purple octopus. I think I want a good costume for next year. A Starfish of course. If anyone here can make me one or knows someone who could and would be willing please get in touch. I'd really appreciate it. Very Happy So I was enjoying the run and then it started to drizzle, I can live with that. Then the heavens opened and I mean flood gates. It was teeming for the rest of the run but you know what, I didn't care, not a jot. Made no difference. Living in Manchester one has a tendency to become waterproof! I was still enthused and raring to go. I'm lovin' it. Yes you've guessed it though, once the run was over with the sun decided to come out Rolling Eyes ppfffttt......I can safely say we all had fun running for all the causes close to our hearts. Afterwards more pix were taken and we were offered complimentary waffles, apples and jelly beans and as many bottles of energy drinks as we could hold haha. Whereas last yeer I didn't feel too well, this year I'm dandy. Just aching thighs. I came home looking forward to a steaming hot bath which I enjoyed and my thighs are still aching but I'm sure they'll feel worse tomorrow. No big deal really. Mission accomplished, happy and proud. Thank you to all my darling sponsors, love you and I'm still open for late comers who want to help. Lets do it all again next year, those poor babes need cots and heaters amongst other things. Lots of love to all XXX


  1. Well done Sarah, I am very proud of you, who cares about the weather as a rench song says the sun it is inside... Love Joexxx

  2. Thanks Joe, thats means alot. Hope you are well ;) xxx