Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Hi All  ;D

Having sponsors from all over the world, usually means it takes some time to collect all the money together. For this year I have now finally done that. I am happy to report that Starfish now have all of the money which I raised from my 10k run back in May. The grand total was £170 (250 euros). I cannot stress enough how grateful and appreciative I (and Starfish) are for every single sponsor, pound and cent xxx <3 A huge warm thank you to you all. Today there is an update by The Rutger Hauer Starfish Association on some of the work they do. They have a long distance adoption programme going on helping kids in Malawi get a proper education etc. This update is about one such young, very sweet child named Amadi.

Of course normally what happens is that I rest for many months and begin training again in January. As you know I am running in my first ever marathon next april with my friend Joe. So my training continues and will will keep you posted on our joint blog

Yeah I know it says London in the link when it should say Brighton. Tell joe! lol. This will be a fun but gargantuan effort for us both. I am of course doing this as ever to raise funds and am collecting sponsorship from now. Please do consider sponsoring me for this very worthwhile cause. All funds are important and I hope to significantly increase the mount I raise from now until april. Thank you ever so much and also thanks just for reading.

Warm wishes,


PS I won't be able to help talking about this and asking for sponsorship at all available opportunities so forgive me if it gets old or I get annoying! xxx

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