Sunday, 14 November 2010

A tiny update

When I got out of bed this morning I weighed myself and to my utter joy I have lost more weight! So, thats now a total of 10 pounds! I hope it stays off. It would be nice to lose abit more, especially around the usual places ;) I think the cold weather probably has something to do with it. I may put some weight back on immediately, actually. I say this because my other half made a feast of a breakfast pre-empted by some ducks eggs I bought yesterday ;D.
By the way, my running partner Joe and I now have Facebook page so you can get the lowdown there too on what we are doing, interact with us and have abit of fun. Please consider sponsoring me, this isn't an easy gig. I can't express my appreciation enough, or stress how important it is to support Starfish*.!/pages/Sarah-and-Joes-Brighton-Marathon-April-2011/120777117978635

Stay well and take care xxx

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