Wednesday, 1 December 2010

World AIDS Day 2010

On this the 1st December I hope that all are wearing your red ribbons. I must confess to being abit disappointed in the lack of red ribbons I saw around today. I think this indicates that there is still  a great need to continue to raise awareness of the horror that is AIDS, to keep it in people's conciousness. I wore mine with pride and I do have a watch with a red ribbon on. I had to work today so couldn't really wear it and I couldn't get it  to go lol. Today is also the second day of snow for us. Whilst I am enjoying it does mean I can't go out running. I don't want to risk breaking a leg or spraining an ankle. As I live opposite a wonderful leisure centre, this means that I shall be having 2 hour gym sessions on the treadmill. Not as good as running outside but better that doing nothing ;) Stay well and warm love Sarah xxx  

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