Sunday, 1 July 2012

A new month a new run

A new type of running that is. Today I went for my first run 'barefoot' in my new pink Vibram 'five fingers' which look rather strange to say the least. I thoroughly enjoyed it which is somewhat a relief. You are forced to only take small steps which means you can't help but pace yourself. This is good for many reasons not least that I hope  my legs will be completely firm and toned by the time October comes. Dream on eh? The shoes are comfortable and I can see myself running barefoot in Amsterdam. I may have to buy a new pair of shoes though! Here is a link to my Facebook page just in case you haven't seen it. I would love feedbakc either there or here

If you are curious to see these shoes of mine please visit this run page on Rutger' Hauer's offical site

Please remember that the real reason I am doing this is to help them to help women and children in developing worlds who need HIV treatment and care. That is the most important fact here and I would really really appreciate any donation however small as every penny, cent, euro etc does help. Thank you. Much love Sarah xxx

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