Sunday, 16 September 2012

The Fallowfield Loop

Yesterday 15th September was a beautifully sunny saturday. I had decided I was going to go out for a long run as I tend to do on weekends. Initially my plan was to run into the city centre and back but this is only 6 miles. I had set my goals on running further, maybe a half marathon! My partner, Glynn suggested The Fallowfield Loop which is a cycle path but also has a walking area where a few people hve been known to run. Glynn is familar with this because it is his usual cycling route and he dutifully printed out a map of it for me bless him. I am notorious for my extremely rubbish sense of direction and so took this map with me in case I did get lost, even thought the whole path is one long straight line :) This route is a 20 minute walk from our home and begins at Sainsbury's in Fallowfield. That will only mean something to those folks familiar with Fallowfield here in Manchester, obviously. I had my 'normal' running shoes on, shorts and t-shirt and adorned my small Sea Shepherd rucksack which contained said map and a bottle of water. It was a good run, I really enjoyed it despite the heat and the fact it was very hilly. In total I saw 5 other very friendly runners and the run back definitely seemed longer. Doesn't it always?! I am happy to say I am getting more tolerant at running in warm weather like this but will always prefer to run on cooler days. To run almost half marathon, it took me just over 2 hours 15 minutes. I am very happy with this because it means I am on target and will more or less be running the whole marathon in around 4.5 hours which realistically has always been my aim. My right foot has finally fully recovered from the front swelling and pain in the middle toes which I was experiencing. I am still undecided over which shoes to actually run in and will no doubt pack my Vibrams anyway. Really loved barefoot running and found it easier. It looks like for me it is not mean't to be though. I admit to being disappointed in this and I'll still train in them but can't use them for a run. As the Amsterdam Marathon is getting close now I won't go out in them and risk another foot injury :( It is very tempting though. Today all my muscles are aching but  this just serves to give me a sense of achievement and makes me feel fit. Here is a map of The Fallowfield Loop. 

So far I have raised £170 for The Rutger Hauer Starfish Association. I feel it would be wonderful and would really love to reach £200. Every little helps and this is a non-profit organisation. Please consider making a small donation if you care about helping the people of the world who are HIV+ or living with AIDS. It is easy to do online via my website. Here is the link and thank you so much! xxx

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Thank you for reading and if you do for sponsoring me. Comments on this post and also spreading the word about Starfish and my marathon for them would be truly appreciated as well. Take care! Sarah

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