Sunday, 28 October 2012

Amsterdam Marathon 2012

Doesn't time fly when you are having too much fun?! I can't believe that this time last Sunday I was in Amsterdam very happy and starting to recover from the marathon. First of all it was fantastic to meet 2 of my dutch friends whom thus far I have only known online. Thank you Beja and Suzanne for travelling to meet me. You are both great supporters and friends and Glynn and I really enjoyed our steak dinner with you on Saturday night. Beja came with her family from Friesland and her sweet youngest Monique gave me an envelop of her pocket money as sponsor money. Bless her heart x.
The marathon started in the Olympic stadium (9.30am) which was fantastic and I hadn't even thought about having many eyes watching. It got about half full and I was able to spot Glynn so he took a few pix. Did all those people make me nervous or anything? Nah, I didn't care, I was too excited and pumped up raring to go and loved running in there. The weather was wet, windy and cold which for me is lovely It was a little too cold to keep muscles warm and I saw alot of injuries and a few poor souls who were hurt after just 1km. I had drank 0.5 litres of a fruity sugar/salt drink and hour before the start, also I had another with me to sip. The wind was a challenge lol. I managed 30km without and problems then my right kneecap started to ache and become sore. This didn't bother me but shortly after that it caused me to pull my right thigh muscle. Painful, but I didn't stop. So it took me a bit longer than I would've liked but finish I did. I saved my energy to run in the stadium again across the finish line. I think my body is telling that the leap from 10k to 42k is too great and so next year I shall go for the Manchester half marathon as last year saw the return of my local marathon after an 11 year hiatus. What an awesome event this Amsterdam gig is! It was very well organised and the marshals were all very friendly and funny. A huge thank you to them for looking after the runners as well as they did. I was stopped three times by some of them wanting to take photo's of my t-shirt. Also I frequently heard runners close behind me saying 'ah its Rutger!' So in a way he was there. Due to time constraints and the way this event was set up there really wasn't any opportunity to collect money in my bucket as I hoped. As I ran it occurred to me that Starfish is 12 years old this very month. I thought about all the great things they've achieved in helping people over that period of time. They've done alot of wonderful things and continue to do so and I'm sure they always will. I love helping and I will for as long as I can if you'll let me It also occurred to me that there is a bright star twinkling off the shoulder of Orion bearing the name Rutger Hauer which is now 10 years old. Twinkling right along next to it is 10 year old DD So it has been a fantastic weekend a great way to celebrate a decade of running and supporting Starfish. 10 years and 11 runs. I like to think I know what is important if life and having friends willing to travel to meet and support you is definitely up there! Thank you for your generosity. Gosh, finally I want to say a massive, heartfelt, stupendous, thank you to all my amazing friends who have supported me each and every year. I know I say that every year, but I so so mean and appreciate it. I can't do it without you, we are a team and I love you After a week my body has fully recovered and I can't wait to go out and run again. It will take a few weeks I think before my thigh is back to normal though. In the meantime I will go for gentle swims.  I am still so thrilled to be able to say that I have ran around an Olympic stadium! I am now in the process of collecting together funds and will be back when I have the grand total. My running event maybe done for this year but it is never ever too late to sponsor me ;) Take good care of yourselves Love Sarah xxx

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