Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Liverpool Half Marathon 2013

Well, truly no rest for the wicked it would seem. On Saturday 16th March, I discovered early, thankfully, that there were no early morning trains from Manchester to Liverpool Sunday! So I booked a hotel, The Adelphi which is pretty central, and not too far from the run start at pier head Albert dock. We were on the top floor and we’d paid for a continental breakfast which was fine but the full english looked pretty spectacular. It was raining rather heavily but fortunately Sunday was dry and we found the start/finish area easily enough. No warm up on this half marathon but I found out that in this half marathons 20 year history this was the biggest with 8400 runners. I am used to more than that but the route was never devoid of runners. The run started at 9am and I didn’t get across the timed starting line until about 9.10am. Weatherwise it was good but still cool and I could see that the other runners were taking it gently too so as to avoid any injuries. I thought about Amsterdam last year. I also thought about Starfish, Rutger and all my friends and lovely people who have continued to sponsor me, making this all the more worthwhile. There were plenty of water stations but no sweets and not many portaloo’s. I was surprised to see these loo’s never had anybody queuing up to use them as one normally see’s. I developed a few blisters but they didn’t hurt or affect my performance. I ran across the finish line at 2 hours 43 minutes which I am happy with but I can certainly improve. I want to get it between 2 and 2 half hours b4 I consider stepping up to a marathon again. We have to challenge ourselves don’t we? I’m considering being more physically active even when no officially training for a run, that should help. I collected my medal and a kind soul gave me his last banana.  We went to a cafe for a drink and to the hotel to collect our stuff before jumping on a train. I was very perky and happy shall we say, for a few days. Thats what I call an endorphin high! Loved it, would do it again. Certainly felt like I could keep on running and that I would sleep well. Oddly not much aches in calf muscles. Enjoy the photos.....
Sunday 17th March  
Info and race details can be found here: URL:
My t-shirt this year was designed by my friend Tori Ratcliffe who has a splendid online shop and is a fantastic artist. Go and look for yourself to see what I mean.  If you visit my website and/or Starfish's official site, you will see what a truly magnificent job she did of my t-shirt ;D .
I can now tell you that this year we raised £300 and Starfish of course have these funds now.This is definitely the most important and most rewarding part, so thank you all so very much for your faith in me and your constant sponsorship. I have plans for next year's run and will let you know as soon as its all official.Take care, and run well <3 br="">

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