Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Important information

I've had a gentle gym session in a somewhat cold gym today. I think a swim is in order tomorrow. There now only 122 days until this race so that means only 121 training days left. It sounds like a lot when I view it like that ;¬)
Okay comrades here is the important stuff, hope you are listening. For the passed 3 years Starfish have very kindly and beautifully displayed a webpage for me on their website. All funds I have raised have been used to help 'The Tanzania Project'. You can read all about it by clicking on this link

Essentially the money is being used to buy urgently needed cots and heaters to make life more bearable for HIV+ newborn babies. So sad poor, poor things. As it is they are 3 to a cot but I believe this situation is slowly improving. Also a couple of years a go they moved to new premises. A good job too I have to admit to being alarmed and saddened at the condition of the old hospital, on its outside anyway. I guess its the inside that counts.

Take care xxx

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