Sunday, 11 January 2009

Its official!

I've made a start so now it official I'm in training LOL. Its been a cold day but I did an hours worth in the gym this afternoon, a busy gym with more equipment and new equipment. It gets abit confusing as they keep swaping the gear around. The beauty of my local leisure centre is that it is opposite my flat. Very convienient for dragging myself out of bed and having an early bird swim ;¬) I have a photo of it on my pc which I was going to post but can't for the life of me find it at the moment. Btw tonight if you have a clear sky you have the chance to take a lovely photograph. Tonight the moon is going to be the biggest it will be all year apparently. I wonder if people are going to be checking this by taking a photo every month and comparing it. ;¬) I tried to take a pic lastnight but though it was a pretty night there was too much cloud cover. If I manage it this evening I shall post pic of that instead xxx


  1. Aw thank you, and for following my blog ;¬)