Saturday, 29 May 2010

Happy bank holiday folks! ;D

Good morning world! I was surprised that a week after my 10k run for Starfish my body was still aching. That has never happened before, I must be getting old lol. The body is more capable than you might think. I went out for a gentle jog and was fine, felt wonderful in fact and did this again the next day. It is the bank holiday weekend here in the UK not to mention half term so I have a week off. I plan to go out for a run shortly and then we are going down south just overnight to see the inlaws. I shall be packing my running shoes too. So on my week off I intend to do plenty of swimming and running. I also might do some cooking too, Colleagues have been tantalising me with talks of risotto. Never made it before so that shall be interesting and fun. Have a healthy and happy weekend everyone.hugs Sarah xxx   

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