Monday, 3 May 2010

The Great Outdoors

Happy bank Holiday everyone. We are celebrating Glynn's birthday so this means we always henjoy this day. So far he has taken it easy and enjoyed playing with his new pc gadet which he requested lol. We are looking forward to a nice chinese buffet in town this evening. Oh I digress. I found a really interesting article which indicates that outdoor exercise especially in a green enviroment is great for our well-being. Hurrahh! ;D

From BBC News:

First I need to go out and run though ;) Yesterday I changed my route slightly. It is longer, very enjoyable on the eyes and the ground is more uneven. I certainly got a good workout and will now stick to this route. I am still jogging around the block but now it is a longer run and I'm still bumping into other runners. Very motivating.

Hugs Sarah xxx


  1. Happy Birthday:)with love,twitters

  2. LOL Thank you anonymous ;)

  3. Just checking this place out.

    FiFi woz ere