Saturday, 15 May 2010

Nearly there again

Well its almost here at last and already! ;D Tomorrow is the big day and I can't wait! I just love the atmosphere at this thing. My training is now complete. I had a lovely evening jog lastnight at sunset and am taking it easy today. Doing nothing but smile. I shall have an early night too. Don't forget the run is being televised at 10am on BBC2 Here is a taster videoclip for those interested in getting a glimpse into this run and Manchester. Thank you from the bottom of my soles to everybody who has supported and sponsored me. I am always most grateful and appreciate of sponsorship, as it is badly needed for these HIV+kids <3.  Standby for a full report and surprising news about next year already, keep on smiling and thank you friends, family and Starfish. hugsss xxx

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  1. Well done on the big run, hun :)