Sunday, 1 February 2009

Oh how strange........

For the passed few days I have had trouble accessing my own blog even though my password has been correct. Weird. Rest assured that I haven't been resting ;¬) I have enjoyed early morning vigorous swims and tiring myself out at the gym. Todays exciting news is that its snowing! Well its exciting to me I love snow as I've never seen enough of it. Here is the promised photo of my local leisure centre where all this training is taking place.


  1. Hi Sarah

    What a lovely building, has it always been some sort of Leisure centre? I am right - it is old - or has it been built to look old?

    Snow - it caused too many problems - lol - but yes it did look good. But me being some what older than you, remember when it was not that strange, we had lots of it every winter - lol.


  2. Haha I remember the days when it snowed frequently. I still enjoyed and appreciated it then. Yes it is a lovely old building. I think it used to be an old church or an old style swimming pool.
    thanks for visiting and signing my blog.