Tuesday, 10 February 2009

There is nothing like....

........a good lunchtime jog! And mine was nothing like one. Yes it was, I'm only joking ;¬) I'm surprised how much I enjoyed it really. I jogged to the PO first to post a letter lol then carried running around the block for 30 minutes. The air is crisp and chilly (no snow or frost) the sky is blue and the sun is peeping out and smiling on the UK today. So a good positve exercising day I think. I love this blogging business, it will be a pity it will slow down after the fun run in May. Of course I intend to keep it. Its amazing how encouraging and motivating it is making me feel just reading other runners blogs. I am so pleased I decided to do this heehee. Of course I can't go for a run without thinking of Starfish* and why I am doing this and that makes me both happy and excited. A huge thank you of appreciation to my fellow bloggers who are following me xxx

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